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Browns Looking At Vontaze Burfict

A story on details that the Cleveland Browns may be very interested in possibly drafting the now free-falling Arizona State linebacker, Vontaze Burfict. Burfict had been originally considered a first-round talent, but an epic fail at not only the NFL Scouting Combine but his school's pro day as well has seen him drop faster and further than perhaps any other prospect in league history.

Ravens fans, specifically those here on Baltimore Beatdown, have said they too might be interested in the Ravens taking a chance on the player who seems to have a ton of potential, but a ton of attitude along with it. However, anything earlier than a late-round pick appears to be the amount of risk they'd accept. The Ravens themselves have hinted that they do not follow the opinions of the media in determining where a player with Burfict's type of risk stands on their draft board.

The Browns could use all the help they can get, and the risk for Cleveland taking a flyer on Vontaze would not be looked at the same way as if Baltimore took the same chance on a guy that could be anything from the steal of the draft to another draft day bust.