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Who Will Start At Tight End In 2012?

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The Ravens drafted tight end Ed Dickson one round earlier than tight end Dennis Pitta. They also chose to give Dickson the starting job last season after the departure of Todd Heap. Dickson is a hair taller than Pitta and also a hair faster and heavier. So you can see why Cam Cameron and John Harbaugh chose to play him over his running mate.

The one problem is, Pitta may be the better option. Chances are both players will see significant playing time no matter who starts because both are excellent players. But when I'm watching the game I can see who quarterback Joe Flacco has more confidence in. Without a doubt it's Dennis Pitta.

Towards the end of the season last year Dickson was having a problem holding onto the ball in key situations. As a result we got to see a lot more of Pitta on the field. It just seems he has more of a knack for getting open, and perhaps the best hands on the team. Not to mention the trust Flacco shows in him. It seems that whenever the game is on the line and Flacco has to win it with his arm, Pitta is everywhere. They have a natural connection. Kind of like the one that Flacco and Cameron don't have. Which may be why he stuck with Dickson so long despite the obvious connection between Flacco and Pitta.

I love that we have both of these players though. I think they could both be starting NFL tight ends on almost any team but chances are, when push comes to shove, we will only be able to keep one. So, I hope it's the one that our franchise quarterback likes the most and not the one that looks better in his uniform. If that were the case, I would think that player should probably be starting because he will probably have to one day.

Who do you think should start at tight end next season?