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Ravens Draft Answer At WR: Brian Quick

The Baltimore Ravens are looking for that big fast wide receiver to complement both Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith as another target for QB Joe Flacco. Most of the discussion has focused on the guys at or near the top of the NFL draft in the first or even the second round. However, the perfect fit for the Ravens might be found in the draft's middle rounds in the form of Appalachian State's Brian Quick.

Quick has the size (6'4", 220 pounds) and speed (4.5 40-yard dash), plus the leaping ability of a former high school basketball star (34") to make the jump to the professional level despite playing in a FCS school. Appalachian State's all-time leaders in receptions, yards and receiving TD's, he totaled 71 catches for 1,071 and eleven TD receptions. In addition to the obvious deep threat he is, Quick is a big target and not afraid to go over the middle and can take a hit.

NFL Draft Scout has him ranked as the 11th best WR and projected to be a 3rd round pick in the draft. Here's what Baltimore Beatdown's draft expert Mr MaLoR says about the Ravens possibility of drafting Quick:

"Great athlete, former all-state basketball player. Tough to play press coverage against because he has great size (6'4" 220 lbs) Definitely don't want to give him a cushion, because he can and will blow by you. Incredible after the catch, he had a ton of yards after securing the football. Definitely a raw prospect though, only played 1 year of high school football, so not the most experience. But I would definitely take a flyer on him in the 3rd. "