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Harbaugh Stands Behind Flacco

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Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was not fazed in the least when QB Joe Flacco stated he was the best in the league. A story posted at Sports Radio Interviews details an interview Harbaugh had with 105.7 The Fan regarding not only Flacco's boast, but a bunch of other off-season issues the team has been dealing with.

He responded to questions about Ed Reed's possible retirement, the New Orleans Saints 'Bounty-Gate' problems and the contract status for RB Ray Rice. Regarding his response to the comments made by his quarterback recently, this is a snippet of part of what he said:

"I will stand behind him and I think I understood what he was saying but sometimes you shrug your shoulders and you just have to laugh and say 'alright let's go prove it then.' If that's how we feel about it, then let's go prove it."

To read the entire interview with Harbaugh, click on the link above.