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Mike Mayock's Sleeper Receivers

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock talked about the two different types of wide receivers in the NFL Draft the other day. He broke them down into the two groups by size and speed. He looked at the big, tall wideouts as well as the smaller, slot-type receivers. Most people know about the guys expected to go at or near the top of the draft, or good enough to be considered a possible first-round selection.

That includes oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon, Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill and Baylor's Kendall Wright. However, Mayock was talking about guys that can be had in the mid-to-late rounds and could still bring great value and on-the-field results once they hit the playing field.

Two of the receivers, one in each of Mayock's two groups, stood out to me and each one could contribute to the Baltimore Ravens in different ways. While neither of them seem to be top-of-the-draft talent, or even second day of the draft picks, they could definitely fill the team's needs in two areas that were lacking last year and are obviously targets in this month's draft.

(Click on the 'Jump' to see profiles and highlight videos of the two players mentioned by Mayock that intrigued me)

Tommy Streeter, WR, University of Miami: 6'5", 215 pounds

Streeter was one of the faster players on an already fast Miami team. After barely playing his previous year, he exploded in 2011, leading the Hurricanes in receptions(46), yards (811) and TD catches (8). According to, Streeter is only the 25th rated wide receiver in the draft and is projected as a 5th or 6th round draft pick. However, in that part of the draft is where you can find the real sleepers, and Streeter's potential is through the roof, with 4.4 speed to go along with his tall frame.

T.Y. Hilton, WR, Florida International: 5'10", 183 pounds

Hilton had an excellent four year career at Florida International, with 1,000+ receiving yards in both his first and last collegiate seasons. According to, he finished the 2011 season with 72 receptions for 950 yards and 7 TD catches. He set FIU and Sun Belt career records for receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, all-purpose yards and kickoff return yards. His sub-4.4 speed along with his return abilities, make him an attractive target for the Ravens, who are in desperate need for a quality kickoff and punt returner, so that CB Lardarius Webb can be spared from possible injury to focus on his secondary duties. Hilton's biggest knock is his injury concern.