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Baltimore Ravens 2012 NFL Mock Draft Scenario #4

Scenario #1

Scenario #2

Scenario #3

Trades (All based on 2012 trade value chart)

  • Baltimore’s 1st (29th) and 3rd (91st) for St. Louis’ 2nd (33rd) and 3rd (65th)

2. from STL - Andre Branch - DE/OLB - 6'4" 260 lbs - Clemson

2. - Ben Jones - OC - 6'3" 315 lbs - Georgia

3. from STL) - Bob Massie - OT - 6'6" 320 lbs - Mississippi

4. Comp) - Juron Criner - WR - 6'2" 225 lbs - Arizona

5. - Josh Chapman - NT - 6'1" 330 - Alabama

5. Comp) - Jerry Franklin - ILB - 6'1" 242 lbs - Arkansas

6. - Terrance Ganaway - RB - 6'0" 240 lbs - Baylor

7. - Kellen Moore - QB - 5'11" 197 lbs - Boise St.

Notes on the picks

Andre Branch

Ben Jones

  • It's not often that you find 4 starters on the O-Line in college. It's also even more rare to find one in the SEC. Jones is one of the most underrated prospects in this draft, and with that kind of experience in that conference, it would be tough to pass on Jones at the end of the 2nd round. Have heard a few comparisons to Jeff Saturday.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout
  • 2012 Senior Bowl Interview

Bob Massie

  • Primarily a RT in college, some have said they won't be surprised to see Massie make a run at LT in the NFL. His athleticism is too good to pass up, long arms, and could give Mike Adams a run for his money regarding draft position. With Oher heading into the final year of his contract and McKinnie at the end of his career, refilling at OT is not such a bad idea.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout

Juron Criner

  • Criner is almost like a taller Hakeem Nicks. Not the fastest guy in the draft, but catches everything with his hands and is one of the best route runners in this draft. Great numbers while at Arizona. A do it all type of WR.
  • 2012 NFL Combine - Workout
  • 2010 Highlights

Josh Chapman

  • There is not much depth at DT for Baltimore, so Ozzie grabs the Bama player to help provide relief to Cody and in case of the loss of Brandon McKinney. Chapman drops because of ACL surgery he had back in January.
  • Draft Preview 2012

Jerry Franklin

  • Was very close to entering the 2011 NFL Draft, but decided to stay in school at the last minute. Led Arkansas in tackles the last 3 years.
  • vs. Auburn 2011
  • vs. Vanderbilt 2011

Terrance Ganaway

Kellen Moore