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Ravens To Add Roof To M&T Bank Stadium

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The Baltimore Ravens announced that they plan to put a $100 million addition onto M&T Bank Stadium within the next two years in the form of a retractable dome roof. The option of having the choice of playing under the sun or inside the protective cover during inclement weather was just too hard of a decision for the team to pass up.

According to the Stadium Authority, an agreement with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti calls for an increase in ticket prices along with an new city tax will raise the funds necessary to start construction right after next season's home schedule is completed. Bisciotti expects the dome to be in place by the time the 2013 season begins.

The addition of a roof will make the stadium an attractive place for year-round entertainment from concerts to other sporting events as well as corporate business functions. Reportedly, the city will be in the running to host the Final Four for both the men's and women's basketball tournaments in the next few years.

There has even been a rumor that President Obama will recommend it for the Democratic National Convention in 2016 since it is so close to Washington, DC and because he will be unable to run for a third presidential, both he and the First Lady have said they prefer not to have to travel far for something they truly won't be that interested in anyway.

Oh, by the way,...April's Fools!!!

(NOTE: While this story was posted after PressBox Online wrote about a roof being added to Ravens Stadium, this writer denies any allegations that may arise over this story being "borrowed" from them.)