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Hines Ward To Ravens Rumor A Hoax

The report from a Pittsburgh television station saying that former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward had signed with the Baltimore Ravens was obviously a hoax. However, according to NBC Sports, it caught a lot of loyal fans on both sides a little off balance. The station apologized recently, but even here on Baltimore Beatdown, fans have made it clear that at this point in is career, Ward is not welcome to wear the Ravens colors.

On the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website, a story says the news anchor reported that Ward had signed a three-year, $9 million deal with Baltimore, unaware that it was just a goof by another website that put up a photo with the guy whose Cheshire-cat grin is hated throughout Ravens nation, with the joke of the signing announcement.

Steelers fans should know better that the Ravens would not care one bit for their cast-offs. In the case of perhaps a star wide receiver in his prime, such as Mike Wallace, that would be another story, but for a washed up guy whose head is still spinning from the crushing blow that leveled him by Ravens LB Jarret Johnson, we collectively say, "no thanks!"