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Ravens Salary Cap Limitations

The Baltimore Ravens still have a bit of salary cap space to work with during the off-season as they approach the NFL Draft less than a month away. With still quite a few decent players available on the free agent market, the Ravens may not be finished bringing in players to be those few remaining pieces of the puzzle that could help the team take the next step that they came oh so close to making last season.

Unfortunately, they are not in any position to get into a bidding war on anyone, as their cap space is pretty much as much as you can hold your thumb and forefinger apart. According's Jason La Canfora, the Ravens have only $1.7 million in cap room based on his March 30th story. Salary Cap Situations For Each Team breaks down every team in the league, listing the number of players under contract, previous year carryover, adjustments, adjusted cap, team cap, cap room and team cash.

While I am far from a "cap-ologist," I understand that our roster will need to have 53 players on it when the final rosters are decided and we must be under whatever the cap is, and because of the different categories, that number may be different for each team. Of course, restructuring current contract as well as signing either or both of Joe Flacco and Ray Rice's current deals could provide additional breathing room under the ceiling. Therefore, don't expect any blockbuster free agent signings or trades anytime soon, but as usual, we know that GM Ozzie Newsome will find some way to bring a major contributor into the fold for 2012.