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Gregg Williams Had "Pay For Play" Fund With Redskins

The spider-web of the mess known as the New Orleans Saints bounty for knocking players out of the game appears to be spreading, as it is now being reported that while defensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins, Gregg Williams had another "pay for performance" fund. The NFL is cracking down on violations to the "Bounty Rule" and while many feel this is more of an issue of poor judgement than anything illegal, to have another instance involving the same coach in both stances is beginning to look like a problem.

A story on tells about four former players who have come forth to admit the so-called transgression. However, Williams is being defended for never asking a player to be a head-hunter in order to get the bonus payments. A former player said he never interpreted it to be anything other than an incentive to make good, hard plays.

The fact that it is beginning to appear that is was never meant as a contest to see who could purposely cheap-shot a player, the issue may be making more headlines than perhaps it is worthy of. Don't be surprised if other players and possibly coaches begin to come forth in defense of a non-issue that was and perhaps still is quietly practiced in every locker room around the league.