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Ravens' Suggs Feels He Benefited From NFL Lockout

Baltimore Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs talked about his career in Baltimore, what it was like when he first got here, being awarded the AFC Defensive Player of the Year, if he thinks the Ravens are on the cusp of the Super Bowl, his off-season and his film-making. In an interview posted on Sports Radio Interviews, Suggs sat down with a Kansas City radio station and said he enjoyed his time off during the summer's NFL Lockout.

However, the longer than usual layoff obviously didn't slow T-Sizzle down a bit, as he posted 70 tackles and 14 QB sacks in the 2011 regular season, earning that DPoY honor. He credit former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan for turning him into a linebacker after playing with his hand in the dirt all of his previous playing career.

Suggs goes onto say that he believes that while the Ravens have came close to getting to the Super Bowl the past few years, he doesn't want to risk taking a step backwards so he feels they have to [ut in the work during the off-season to make sure they are ready to take that next step.