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Ray Lewis' Locker Room Speech To Stanford Hoops Team

(from Baltimore

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis worked a bit of his magic with the Stanford University men's basketball team before they went out and beat the University of Massachusetts to advance to the NIT title game tonight at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Ravens fans are well aware of the pre-game speeches that Lewis is well known for that drive his teammates and fans into a frenzy and near tears, making one ready and willing to go to war with the All-Pro legendary linebacker. You could sense and feel the excitement these college kids had when Ray walked into the room and by the time he was finished, they knew they would remember this for the rest of the ir lives.

Ray Lewis may be playing football in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens right now, but it is plainly obvious to everyone who has witnessed his verbal passion that he will have a greater calling in his post-playing career, but hopefully with the Ravens in some capacity.