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Flacco Or Rice?

Right now the Ravens are faced with the daunting task of signing their franchise quarterback and franchise running back in the same off season. Chances are Baltimore will find a way to come to terms with both players before ever facing the threat of losing one as they have made them both a priority.

Both Joe Flacco and Ray Rice will surely be Ravens for a long time but it got me thinking. In a purely hypothetical situation, which player would we keep if it came down to keeping just one?

It's a tougher question than you would think. I think the obvious answer to some may be Rice as he is a top three to five player at his position in the league. Flacco on the other hand is still on the cusp of the top ten in most peoples eyes. Just outside the elite level.

The tough part of it is, does the importance of the quarterback position outweigh the fact that Rice is so talented at his own? Ray Rice is an amazing running back for sure but I think the Ravens could still maintain a productive offense in his absence. Perhaps not as explosive but productive. Flacco however is in on every play and has to direct the offense. In doing this for four years he has lead his team to the playoffs every one. However, every one of those years he has had Rice and the running game doing the majority of the work.

The argument could go either way. What do you think?