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Will Lee Evans Return To Baltmore?

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Even though the Ravens chose to stay out of the big name free agent market they still have a lot of options to fill the third receiver role next season.

Many fans would like to see Tandon Doss or LaQuan Williams get a chance to show what they can do with more playing time. Both are considered to be more possession receiver types and do not necessarily fit into the Ravens offense with what they already have.

Baltimore would like a big fast receiver to line up wide with Torrey Smith and move Anquan Boldin back to the slot. This years draft seems to be full of big strong receivers and the Ravens may take that option if they see a player they like.

However, the third receiver on this team does not have to be a big receiver. When Lee Evans got healthy at the very end of the season last year he made quite a difference. He is not tall but fast. Evans can run any route and plays a lot bigger than he actually is.

I really think that if he can be had for the right price he could help this team win. There are still some free agents that the team could pursue but none with as high a ceiling as Evans. He has also had an entire year to learn the system and could step right in where he left off last season.

What do you think? Should the Ravens try to bring Evans back?