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Former Ravens' Foxworth Named NFLPA President

The Baltimore Ravens released cornerback Domonique Foxworth earlier this off-season and there is a good chance his playing career might be over. However, that won't stop him from continuing to represent players as he has as a member of the NFL Players Association. Foxworth has been elected as the president of the NFLPA and is rumored to be next inline to ultimately replace DeMaurice Smith as Executive Director at some point in the future.

Foxworth was present at the negotiations and directly involved in the settlement of the NFL Lockout last summer. A story at Pro Football Talk confirms that the report of the voting was that Foxworth was elected unanimously by the players. It goes onto say that if Domonique's NFL playing career is over, he will be limited to one two-year term.

However, the story alludes to the possibility that Foxworth was hand-picked by the Executive Director to take over at some point, which if the previous statement is true, could be as soon as in two years. Major congratulations to Domonique Foxworth, who has worked hard to be a voice for the players.