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NFL Rule Changes Coming In 2012

The NFL owners are meeting and along with deciding to keep the new kickoff rule that they implemented for the 2011 season, there looks to be a couple of more rules that will be voted on and are expected to pass for the 2012 season. Three of them are the most likely to be approved by the owners and all three seem to be the right moves.

The overtime rule that debuted in the playoffs, where the team that does not receive the ball on the kickoff still gets a possession if the first team kicks a field goal, looks to be added to the regular season. However, as we saw in the Denver Broncos win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on the first play of overtime in the Wild Card round of the 2012 playoffs, if the first possession ends with a touchdown, the game is over at that point.

Also, all turnovers are open for review, regardless of what point they happen in the game, with no challenge flag needing to be thrown by a coach. In addition, the rule change that might be the best of all is that the replay official in the booth upstairs will be the one to review and change or confirm the call on the field. This will negate the need for the referee on the field to go under the curtain of the replay booth along the sidelines, which of course will save a ton of time as well.