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Some Love For Corey Graham

Whilst searching around the internet to find out more about our new Ravens special teams ace, Corey Graham, I came across an article by Matt Bowen in The National Football Post. This was obviously pre-Ravens signing so it seems we have made a good move bringing in the special teams ace. Here's what Bowen had to say about Graham in his article:

"We are looking at a "soft market" right now when it comes to veteran free agents. More than a week after the big money deals went down in the NFL, the pace has slowed considerably. However, there is still value on the market if you target the right players.

A veteran I would take a serious look at is CB Corey Graham. Without question, the Bears free agent is considered one of the top coverage players in the NFL on special teams. He will produce at the gunner position (toughest job in football), make plays on kickoff and start on all four core units (kickoff, kickoff return, punt, punt return).

Plus, with Graham you are getting a veteran that will come in an compete for playing time in your defensive sub packages (nickel, dime). He has the size (6-0, 196) to play inside as the nickel corner and the ability to get a look in the middle of the field.

Think depth in the secondary with Graham. You know what you are getting in the kicking game. He will produce and continue to show up when you turn on the tape in special teams meetings on Monday mornings. But if you want to create some competition and add a veteran DB that will only be 27-years old at the start of the 2012 season, then check out Graham.

I see value here for a player with five years of experience and some flexibility in the multiple sub packages used on a consistent basis in today’s defensive game plans. And as I have already mentioned, finding pure special teams talent in this league isn’t as easy as it sounds."