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2000 Ravens Advance In NFL Bracketology

2000 Ravens vs. 1998 Broncos (
2000 Ravens vs. 1998 Broncos (

The Super Bowl 35 winning Baltimore Ravens have shocked the world in the NFL's version of March Madness, called NFL Bracketology.. Over at, they are doing their own version, with the 64 best teams of all-time. The 2000 Ravens was seeded 9th in the 'Don Shula Bracket,' but have advanced to the 'Elite Eight' and now face the 3rd seeded 1998 Denver Broncos.

The write-up for the mock battle pits Ravens TE Shannon Sharpe against,...Shannon Sharpe, as he played for both teams. This is the John Elway-led Broncos that went on to crush the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 33. Terrell Davis was the running back and Elway's favorite wide receiver was Rod Smith.

However, the Ravens defense that year was the immoveable object, forcing teams to beat them through the air, which fed right into Baltimore's strategy. Here's what they say about the fantasy match-up:

"Sharpe aside, here's the issue for Denver: Terrell Davis could eat it. Migraine or no migraine, he's not getting jack on the triangle of Tony Siragusa, Sam Adams and Ray Lewis."

Go vote for the 2000 Baltimore Ravens now at NFL Bracketology!