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Ed Reed's Take On 'Bounty-Gate'

Ed Reed gave his take on the New Orleans Saints issue of 'Bounty-Gate' from his perspective as a defensive player. In a story published by Sports Radio Interviews, Reed was on a Miami sports talk radio station, and spoke about the scandal, Roger Goodell, playing through injuries and his playing days at the University of Miami.

Reed thinks a bit of the attempt by Goodell to protect players is "over the top," noting that the fines are pretty stiff regardless of a player's salary. He thinks injuries, including his, are a part of the game and unless you're a good technician in your tackling skills, you won't be around that long. Ed acknowledges that he will eventually need surgery, but has chosen not to have it at this point of his career.

Reed laughed when asked if there ever that sort of thing of getting paid for hard hits while at the University of Miami. He mentioned the tradition he and his teammates, who included Reggie Wayne, Najeh Davenport and Santana Moss, wanted to uphold and when they lost his redshirt freshman year opener 49-0 to state rival Florida State, the pain he felt and what he needed to do to keep the reputation of the "U" at the level he knew it to be.

Check out the entire interview with Ed Reed by clicking on the link above.