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NFL's Craziest Off-Season Ever?

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A year after the NFL Lockout is a distant memory, this off-season seems to be perhaps the craziest ever in league history. From the free agency drama of where would one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game sign, to the news of players getting paid to hurt opponents in 'Bounty-Gate,' to the trades of both Tim Tebow and the rights to draft Robert Griffin III, there has been enough chapters to fill a soap opera for a full season's worth of episodes.

The jury is still out for what teams will be the winners or losers this off-season and the NFL Draft is still over a month away. However, the big winners so far have been the fans, as they have not felt the void that can easily mark the off-season in the NFL between the Super Bowl and the beginning of Training Camps around the league. There has already been a ton of news to keep most football-hungry fans nodding their collective heads in agreement that the NFL is now a year-round sport.

Surprisingly, the Baltimore Ravens have also been spectators so far, watching the revolving door only operating in the "out" position, as the team has yet to make even a mere ripple in the waters of free agency. However, knowing the Ravens front office, they have their strategy all planned out and while they watch and take in what has transpired so far, they usually know exactly what they are doing and do not be surprised if they make some excellent key moves, be it shortly, through the draft or even after Training Camps open later this summer.

Trust me, the craziness is only beginning in the NFL!