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Combing The Woods For Ravens Free Agents

Some fans of the Baltimore Ravens are getting a bit impatient with the team. They feel with the guys who have left to sign with other teams so far, and the Ravens inability to sign anyone off of the open market, the team is making, or in their opinion, not making, the right moves. They forget how close this team got to the Super Bowl and every true fan knows deep inside of them that they should have been there, but we will choose not to regurgitate that dropped pass or missed field goal. Please?

Anyway, I am not taking this sitting down. I have decided to comb the woods in search of someone to placate the fans thirst for news and with it hope. However, along with those in the know, we realize that this team only needs to wait for the major players to spend all their cash and then we will sweep in and scour the remains and sign the pieces to the puzzle that will put us right where we belong, which is at the top of the AFC North and in the mix to go to New Orleans for Super Bowl 47.

In Ozzie we trust!