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NFL Free Agency: Thursday Update

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It took until the third day of free agency, but now the second biggest name after QB Peyton Manning finally made his decision. Former Houston Texans DE/OLB (Super) Mario Williams has signed a huge six-year, $100 million deal with the Buffalo Bills and has a guaranteed $50 million headed his way shortly. Many Ravens fans are glad to see him out of Houston as the thought of that tough Texans team that made it to the second round of the AFC playoffs last season before losing to Baltimore without Williams, having him return would have made them that much better in 2012.

Ben Grubbs, as expected, is not returning to Baltimore, unless he is part of the visiting locker room. The Ravens have been quiet as expected so far, but we all know that at some point you will see if they either retain one of their own free agents or sign another player at what will probably be a bargain price. Remember, as teams spend big bucks on the top free agents, other players will join this current group of unemployed players, and there will be other bargains out there that currently do not exist (see 2011's Bernard Pollard signing).

Stick here with Baltimore Beatdown to post your thoughts and alert your fellow Ravens fans if you hear any big signings or even little ones, especially if they involve the Ravens, current, former, or soon-to-be.