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NFL Free Agency Update

The feeding frenzy around the NFL known as the opening of free agency wasn't quite the event many people expected, but there were still a flurry of signings that set off the rush, especially on wide receivers. However the big names that include QB's Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, as well as OLB/DE Mario Williams, remain on the market at this writing.

It appears that Manning will not sign until later this week, as he has a meeting with the Tennessee Titans today. The Arizona Cardinals, also in the hunt for Peyton, have a $7 million roster bonus due to current QB Kevin Kolb on Saturday, so expect Manning to make his decision at least before then. If Matt Flynn signs before him, then the teams interested in Manning drops by one, with the other teams trying to sign him being the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins.

My Tampa cousin (born in Miami), thinks the best case scenario is for Flynn to sign with Miami, Peyton to sign with Denver, and then the Broncos trade Tim Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which should put tons of University of Florida fans in their usually empty seats and keep "Tebow Time" alive.

The Baltimore Ravens have been quiet so far, as expected, since they are more interested in signing their own free agent, but are unwilling to pay a pirate's ransom to do so (see Ben Grubbs).

Since late yesterday, the only significant signings have been the San Diego Chargers, who saw star WR Vincent Jackson sign a huge deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, saved a chunk of cash by signing former New Orleans Saints WR Robert Meacham to a 4-year, $25.9 million contract, thus saving about $30 million compared to what V-Jax signed for.

The Buccaneers kept spending their money due to a ton of cap space, signing former Detroit Lions CB Eric Wright to a five-year deal, whose terms were not disclosed, Both signings mentioned above come from

To see the previous signings from yesterday, see our earlier story, NFL Free Agency: 'Open Thread.'