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Redskins, Cowboys Pay For Cap Violations

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The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys have been hit with the huge slap by the NFL's judge and jury. Both teams spent well over the approved amount in the uncapped year even though warned by the league not to do so and if they did, severe punishments would ensue. It figures and team owners Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder would think themselves smarter and above the law of the league's offices and now they will pay a huge price for their transgressions.

The Redskins and Cowboys will lose cap space over the next two seasons, according to the story on While not mentioned in the article, is reporting that the Redskins will lose $18 million and the Cowboys $5 million of space starting this year, which is a lot of space for teams who need to sign a lot of players key to winning now.

The good news is that the rest of the league's "abiding" teams will benefit from the 'skins and'boys punishment as the NFL Player's Association rightly so insists that the salary cap change would cause the combined 32 NFL team's cap to drop, so the amounts deducted from the two offenders would be spread evenly over the rest of the other teams, thereby increasing their cap space. Every little bit helps, right. Thanks Washington and Dallas!