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Ravens Tenders Tell Tale

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As noted on, the tenders given out to the players not only make it very difficult for any team to sign them away from the Ravens, but it also tells a tale for the other players, especially those in similar positions. Baltimore placed tenders on cornerbacks Lardarius Webb and Cary Williams, as well as LB Dannell Ellerbe.

According to the story, Ellerbe's second round tender means that the Ravens feel that Jameel McClain will seek out the most money he can get, which will probably be more than the team will offer and he will move on. For a guy that was not even drafted, this could mean the payday of a lifetime for McClain. At the same time, Ellerbe, also undrafted, will make close to $2 million in 2012, compared to his minimum rookie contract that, for comparison purposes, included a $2,000 signing bonus.

Webb's first round tender and Williams' 2nd round, mean that not only would a team have to give up that round's draft pick, but the ravens would still have the right to meet and contract offered to them and still retain them. For the other non-tendered or not re-signed corners form the 2011 team, it pretty much means that they will not be targeted unless no one else wants them and the team can bring them back at the veteran minimum.

The fun all starts in one hour as free agency "officially" opens up at 4pm this afternoon.