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Rookies: What Not To Do In NFL

Bradying (not good)
Bradying (not good)

Over at, they put up a series of de-motivational posters for the 2012 NFL draft class. The series of twelve posters that are in the same style of many that have been seen on Facebook pages include the one above. The good news is that there are no photos of your Baltimore Ravens "advertising" what not to do in the NFL, especially as a rookie.

From Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton shutting up critics with a 4,000 yard rookie passing season to Rex Ryan needing to know guaranteeing a Super Bowl win, much less with Mark Sanchez as your QB, might not be the best idea. Of course, whoever made the choices for the story must have it in for the New England Patriots, as in addition to the photo above, there are two others of the Super Bowl losing team.

Click on the link and enjoy!