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Browns Too Late On Deal For RG3

According to a story on, the Cleveland Browns made a last-minute push to try to trade up with the St. Louis Rams for the right to draft Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. The Browns were said to change their earlier stance and offered both of their first-round draft picks for the Rams 2nd overall spot. Apparently, the Rams said the Browns offer was received too late to change the current outcome.

While this can be construed as just one more Cleveland debacle in their less than impressive short history since "returning" to the NFL, they actually have done pretty well in recent drafts, according to the story. The Browns do have those two picks to make decent upgrades to the team but still are not set at QB in most people's minds in order to begin competing with the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC North crown, much less the Cincinnati Bengals.

Although two first-round picks can definitely improve the Browns, a top-notch QB such as RG3 would have greatly changed the face of the Browns and most Ravens and Steelers fans, while certainly not conceding the division to Cleveland just yet, are probably pleased to see the Browns not getting a chance to draft QB of Griffin's skills.