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Redskins Pay Heavy Ransom For RG3

The Washington Redskins made the first big move in the 2012 NFL Draft. Long thought to be trading the #2 overall pick, the St. Louis Rams did so, to the tune of three 1st round and a second round draft picks. The Cleveland Browns were believed to be the team that would ultimately trade up for the right to grab the pick, as they had two first round picks this year.

However, they faltered on pulling te plug and must have felt it either wasn't worth that price or that they had enough needs to warrant holding onto the picks. The Redskins will give the Rams their first and second-round picks this year, plus first-rounders in 2013 and 2014, according to

That's a huge price to pay for any one player, but the Redskins know that their QB situation is in desperation mode and Washington had to made a move, be it this one or wait until their 6th overall slot came up and took Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannenhill, who is thought to be the 3rd best QB in this draft class. It may take awhile for the value of the deal to play out, but most Baltimore Ravens fans are probably glad to know that RG3 won't be in the AFC North starting in 2012.