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Ravens To Make A Ripple In Free Agency Waters

Baltimore Beatdown now has its own YouTube channel as part of a new program headed up by SB Nation. Approximately 150 blogs in their 300+ blog network have taken this step as the next big thing on SB Nation. We will be posting at least one new video each week during the off-season and expanding up to at least three per week during the season.

In this episode, we discuss that the Baltimore Ravens will probably make more of a ripple than a splash in free agency, based on needing to sign their stars to long term contracts and re-sign some of their own free agents.

This is the first attempt at bringing you live dialogue, from our "home base (ment)." The equipment was all provided by SB Nation, and YouTube provided the approval for the network to create their own team channels. Check it out by going to Baltimore Beatdown's YouTube channel and subscribing, as well as heading on over to SB Nation's own channel to see the entire lineup of great content that is being produced.