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Ravens Fans Won't Miss Hines Ward

No matter how many times Baltimore Ravens see this YouTube video, they always get the same smile on their face that they had to endure seeing on former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward's mug way too often. Yes, we said "former" as the Steelers said they would be releasing Ward before free agency begins on March 13th.

Ward may have had an illustrious career in the eyes of Pittsburgh fans, but most Baltimore fans would beg to differ, as he seemed to cross the line on questionable blocking when he nailed opposing players from the blind side. Although he was a good enough blocker straight-on to deserve a solid reputation as a well-rounded receiver, he damaged hs reputation around the league with what most people considered cheap-shots.

He got his share of hits on Ravens players, but Jarret Johnson's pancake hit on him was by far the best and most satisfying. His smiling "Cheshire Cat" grin irritated opposing fans around the league, but it was obvious that he loved the game and while we loved to hate him, we would have also loved to have him on our team during his productive stretch in the league. Or would we?