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"All-Star Dealers" Sports Auctions on Discovery Velocity

While this may not have anything to do with the Baltimore Ravens, it still should be of interest to the purest of sports fans. Discovery Velocity's "All-Star Dealers" is an auction show with some fascinating items up for purchase. This evening's episodes (10pm and 10:30pm EST) focuses on sports memorabilia such as game-worn jerseys and vintage baseball bats from some of the most popular stars in their respective sports.

Grey Flannel Auctions’ Richie Russek hopes to authenticate and consign items from sports greats including Franco Harris, Mickey Mantle, Dr. J Julius Erving, Bobby Jones, Gale Sayers and Dale Earndardt and his son Dale Jr.

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3/1 10pm on Discovery Velocity
Dr. J Soars’

*Includes appearance by National Sports Commentator AL TRAUTWIG

Rich hopes to land the consignment for 3 remarkable items: He and his team receive a jersey in the mail allegedly worn by Steelers legendary running backFranco Harris, a hall of famer who pulled off one of the greatest plays in NFL history, the ‘Immaculate Reception’. Then, a walk-in customer hands Rich a bat signed by 105 past and present New York Yankees, including the likes of Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter and dozens of other legends. Finally, Rich meets with sportscaster Al Trautwig to get his hands on a piece of basketball history: the ABA all-star jersey worn by the legendary Dr. J, Julius Erving. It’s a potential six-figure sale.

3/1 10:30pm on Discovery Velocity
Sayers and Earnhardt’

Rich manages to acquire a jersey worn by future NBA star Bobby Jones in the infamous 1972 Olympics, when the US lost to Russia in the most controversial basketball game ever. Then a true piece of NFL history arrives in the mail -- a Gale Sayers jersey that looks to have seen plenty of game action. Then Rich heads out west to see if he can get a major NASCAR collector to consign a pair of racing suits worn by legendary stock car drivers Dale Earnhardt and his son Dale Jr., in their first race against each other.


Richard Russek started his professional career as a Bookie in New York. But with the birth of his two sons, Michael and Darren, he decided a change in career was in order. In 1989, Russek put his knowledge of sports to good use, starting Grey Flannel - a company specializing in sports memorabilia. Surrounding himself with the best in the business, Grey Flannel quickly emerged as one of the world’s foremost authenticators and dealers of game-used uniforms and equipment. In 1999, Grey Flannel entered the auction arena, and has since sold tens of millions of dollars in memorabilia. Rich lives with his wife of 30 years, Lynn and their dog, Mountain, in Westhampton, NY.

Airs Tuesdays at 10pm EST and 10:30pm EST on Discovery Velocity

Has Richie Russek got a deal for you! From rare game-worn jerseys to vintage bats that helped shape the game of baseball, the vaunted history of sports holds untold treasures and Richie, with sons Michael and Darren, and their company Grey Flannel Auctions, is on the hunt to find 'em all in the brand new series ALL STAR DEALERS.

Every day, Grey Flannel receives hundreds of items. Some are all-stars, poised to reap thousands for the consigner and Richie; while others get benched, falling victim to cheap knock-off material or forged signatures. How to separate the MVPs from the DOAs? That's up to Richie's army of expert authenticators. SportsCenter meets CSI as the Grey Flannel team uses detailed investigation methods and state-of-the-art tools to determine what items are the real deal.

From the extraordinary — a long-forgotten Mickey Mantle autographed baseball, to the extra-ordinary — Mike Tyson's cup, get ready to play in the big leagues with these ALL STAR DEALERS.