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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft

With the final draft order set now that the New York Giants are picking last after beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, SB Nation has put out their latest version of the 2012 Mock Draft. This Mock Draft even includes a huge trade near the top of the draft for one of the two marquee quarterbacks in the draft. SB Nation.

They figure that there wil also be two veteran free agents on the market that should have found new homes by the time the draft rolls around in late April. Free agency begins in early March and most likely both Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning and Green Bay Packers backup Matt Flynn should be wearing new uniforms that will take two of the suitors for top draft picks Andrew Luck (Stanford) and Robert Griffen III (Baylor) out of the running.

That still leaves teams such as the Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, New York Jets (what happened to the "Sanchize?") and Miami Dolphins in the mix depending on what happens in free agency. Check out who they see the Baltimore Ravens selecting with the 29th pick in the first round, which should make some fans happy while others questioning the pick.