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Charles Barkley's Super Bowl Wagering Woes

Hall of Fame NBA star and current analyst Charles Barkley never met a wager he didn't like. A well-know gambler, Barkley and Michael Jordan's gambling stores are the stuff of legend, as these two millionaires have dropped bundles of cash on not only their golf games, but other sports betting options. Sunday, Barkley made a bunch of wagers on the Super Bowl and paid the price for it.

In fact, he obviously paid more than the price for it, as you have to put down a bit more, known as the "juice," in order to win close to your original wager. According to a story posted on Sports Radio Interviews, Barkley lost $100,000 on the Super Bowl, taking the New England Patriots and predicting a 31-17 Pats win.

In the story you will see he was asked about four other proposition bets and based on the review of his selections, two of them were "pushes" and the other two were outright losers. The good thing, at least for Sir Charles, is that he s one guy who can afford to lose such a huge wager, while most of us never would have placed the bet in the first place, or would have launched ourselves off of high-rise ledges by now.