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2013 Super Bowl Odds

Despite winning their 2nd Super Bowl in the last four years, the New York Giants (15-1 odds) are no more than the 8th choice to repeat in 2013, according to the wagering site, Once again, the top pick to win next season's Super Bowl are the Green Bay Packers (6-1 odds), followed by the 2012 Super Bowl runner-up New England Patriots (7-1).

The Baltimore Ravens are the 7th pick (15-1) to win it all next year, behind not only the Patriots in the AFC, but the Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans (both 14-1 odds). Surprisingly, the Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) are still among the top choices to win the Lombardi Trophy even though they had a miserable 2011 season and didn't even make the post season.

The New Orleans Saints (8-1) are the third choice to hoist the trophy in their home stadium, as the 2013 Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans. After the Saints, the Eagles, Steelers and Texans are tied for the next highest odds as indicated above. Not much love for the Ravens by the oddsmakers but if you want to get back at them for making such a terrible short-sighted mistake, go bet your house on the Ravens in 2012-13.