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HULU's Top Super Bowl Ads


HONDA's "Matthew's Day Off" and VOLKSWAGEN's "The Bark Side" and "The Dog Strikes Back" Walk Away Champions on HULU ADZONE 2012

The viewers have spoken, and just a few hours after the Giants were awarded the Super Bowl XLVI title, Hulu AdZone users have named this year's Super Bowl commercial winners.

Between Star Wars and Ferris Bueller, it seems nostalgia was the real winner this year. Of the ads that ran during game time, Honda's "Matthew's Day Off" just narrowly edged out Volkswagen's "The Dog Strikes Back". Bueller ultimately beat the Dog, but only by a hair, and the overall most liked ad on Hulu AdZone was the Volkswagen "The Bark Side" preview ad.

Please see below for the top results across categories including "Overall Most Liked Ads," "Funniest Ads," "Best Celebrity Cameo," and "Cutest Critters". To revisit these ads or for more details on Hulu AdZone 2012 check out

And don't forget to check out Hulu's very own Super Bowl 2012 ad starring Will Arnett -"Huluboratory Extra Mushy Edition"

Overall Most Liked Ads

1. Volkswagen: The Bark Side Teaser

2. Honda: Matthew's Day Off - Extended

3. Volkswagen: The Dog Strikes Back

4. Skechers: GOrun Mr. Quiggly

5. Dannon Oikos: The Tease

6. Chevrolet: 2012

7. M&M's: It's That Kind of Party

8. Audi: Vampire Party

9. E*Trade: Fatherhood

10. Acura: Transactions - Extended

(See the Super Bowl commercial "winners" in other categories, with links to watch them again, after the 'Jump')

Funniest Ads

1. Acura: Transactions:

2. Hulu Plus: Hulubratory:

3. Chevrolet: Happy Grad:

4. Honda: Matthew's Day Off:

5. Chevrolet: 2012:

Best Celebrity Cameo

1. Will Arnett - Hulu Plus - Huluboratory Extra Mushy Edition:

2. Matthew Broderick - Honda - Matthew's Day Off Extended:

3. Jerry Seinfeld - Acura - Transactions:

4. Adriana Lima - Kia - Optima:

5. David Beckham - H&M - David Beckham Bodywear:

Cutest Critters

1. Bud Light - Rescue Dog:

2. Volkswagen - The Dog Strikes Back:

3. Doritos - Man's Best Friend:

4. Volkswagen - The Bark Side Teaser:

5. - Business Trip:

Cutest Kids

1. Toyota: It's Reinvented:

2. E*Trade: Fatherhood :

3. Doritos: Sling Baby:

4. TaxACT: Free to Pee:

Best Soundtracks

1. Chevrolet: Anthem:

2. M&M's: It's That Kind of Party:

3. Bud Light: LMFAO Half-Time:

4. H&M: David Beckham Bodywear:

5. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism:

Nostalgic Ads

1. NFL: Timeline:

2. Budweiser: Eternal Optimism:

3. MetLife: Everyone:

4. Toyota: Connections:

5. Honda: Matthew's Day Off:

Hulu Plus Super Bowl Ad

1. Hulu Plus - Huluboratory Extra Mushy Edition:


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