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Super Bowl's "Vegas Effect"

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is usually the #1 betting day for the casino's of the entire year and Sunday's Super Bowl 46 was no disappointment for the sportsbooks there. Take a look at the results according to RJ Bell of, as well as what the early odds for the Baltimore Ravens and others to win the 2013 Super Bowl:

"First score = Giants safety" paid an eye-bulging 100 to 1 at some sportsbooks.
One bettor has been confirmed to have won $50,000 on a safety-related bet at the MGM in Vegas.

Giants still not best?

If Super Bowl rematch were schedule for next week:
Patriots would be FAVORED by 2.5-points over Giants.

If played on a neutral field:
Packers would be 3.5-point favorites over Giants.
Saints would be 3.5-point favorites over Giants.

Meaning Vegas considers 3 teams to still be clearly better than the Super Bowl champs.

Vegas results:

52% of overall bets on Giants.

Giants covered 3-point spread
(about break-even for sportsbooks)

Giants won on the money line, $100 winning $135
(BIG LOSS for sportsbooks)

Total went UNDER 53
(BIG WIN for sportsbooks)

(Check out a lot more results of betting options on the Big Game and see what the early odds are for the Ravens to win the 2013 Super Bowl)

Props overall were a BIG WINNER for sportsbooks
(as they nearly always are due to their high commissions)

Giants cash Super Bowl future ticket:
19 to 1 odds in preseason
100 to 1 odds after Giants lost to Packers in regular season
20 to 1 odds at start of playoffs
(though Giants cashing on futures was the less profitable result
overall futures still a medium WIN for sportsbooks)

Adding together spread, money line, over/under, props, and futures action,
Nevada is expecting a moderate size win overall on the Super Bowl.
That would make 20 of 22 winning years for Nevada.
(official results will be reported within the week)

How big was the action on the game?

Reports from a cross-section of sportsbooks confirm
this was the biggest bet Super Bowl of all-time
with over $10 Billion dollars of action worldwide!

Nevada, which accounts for less than 1% of worldwide action,
is reporting significant increases over last year.
with some saying the state-wide Super Bowl record handle is within reach
(note that Nevada handle is more strongly affected by the general economy
than the worldwide handle, due to travel expenses)

Wild Prop recap:

AFC won the coin toss for the first time after 14 straight NFC victories.

National Anthem over/under was 94 seconds at some sportsbooks, and 95 seconds at others;
amazingly the official time was 94.5 seconds (meaning OVER 94 seconds won; as did UNDER 95 seconds)

Gatorade Shower was PURPLE (first time since 2003)
Purple was NOT listed at any sportsbook.
Neither was "any other color"
Meaning ALL money will be returned to bettors (no winners; no losers)

Over/Under for Peyton Manning showings during game 3.5.
Result was UNDER (Peyton was not shown a single time)

Over/Under for Robert Kraft showings during game 3.5.
Result was OVER

Eli Manning MVP paid $220 for every $100 risked.

2013 Early Super Bowl Odds

1) Packers: 5 to 1
2) Saints: 6 to 1
3) Patriots: 8 to 1
t-4) Steelers: 12 to 1
t-4) Eagles: 12 to 1
t-4) Ravens: 12 to 1
t-7) Texans: 15 to 1
t-7) Chargers 15 to 1
t-9) Giants: 20 to 1
t-9) 49ers: 20 to 1
t-9) Cowboys: 20 to 1
t-9) Jets: 20 to 1
t-9) Falcons: 20 to 1
t-9) Lions: 20 to 1

RJ Bell of is the only sports bettor on Forbes' recent list of Gambling Gurus and has been called "a true insider" by ESPN, "incredibly astute" by AOL and a "point-spread maven" by USA Today. Mr. Bell has been featured on CBS News with Katie Couric, ABC News with Charles Gibson, Nightline, Sportscenter, Outside the Lines (ESPN), First Take (ESPN2), Mike & Mike, Colin Cowherd, Jim Rome, Dan Patrick,,, Yahoo, and in the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, New York Times, LA Times,, Bloomberg, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated. is the largest sports betting news website compliant with US Law.