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Super Bowl 46: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

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As tough as it may be for Baltimore Ravens fans to even summon up the courage to even watch this game, it stil is Super Bowl Sunday, which is cause enough to watch what will be the final football game of the season. We all know that the past two weeks should have been fueled with anticipation of the Ravens getting ready to play the New York Giants, but due to a lot more than just one or two poor plays at the end of the game, our guys are scattered all over the country now watching the game just like most of us will be.

So, rejoice that we have an NFL team, much less one that competes for the Big Game just about every year, and sit back to stuff your pie-hole with chicken wings, pizza, other healthy tidbits and liquid refreshments. Along with all this hand-to-mouth exercise and 12-ounce curls, try to muster up the strength to join in on this Super Bowl Game-Time 'Open Thread' and post your comments as you cheer on whatever team you actually care for to win.

Let's not be such sore losers, Baltimore, as we all know the Ravens would have beaten any NFC team sent up to play us had we made it to Indianapolis. We know we'll be back in 2012 and besides, next year's Super Bowl is in New Orleans, which is a heck of a lot better place to party and celebrate our Lombardi Trophy than Indy!