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Chuck Pagano's Departure a Sign of Ravens' Success

Baltimore Ravens’ coordinators and coaches come and go, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Over the years, the Ravens have gone through a bevy of defensive coaches that make a name for themselves here, and then get immediately plucked away from various organizations around the NFL. Seemingly, Baltimore has become a sort of ‘factory’ for pumping out great defensive minds into the rest of league.

Although most of the news this week was centered on the Super Bowl, there were a couple of clippings that pertained to the Ravens that caught my eye. New York Giants owner, John Mara, had this to say when talking about one of the reasons his team decided to keep head coach, Tom Coughlin:

"I am proud of that. That’s something that we strive for around here. I look at the other successful franchises in this league - the Patriots, the Steelers, Green Bay, Baltimore - that’s what they have. They have stability."

Although many coaches pass through the Ravens organization, sometimes on their way to head coaching gigs, the Ravens always remain a stable and successful organization. Follow along after the "Jump" to see what head coach John Harbaugh said about finding a replacement for Pagano.

The Ravens, perhaps better than any other team, do a great job at building from within. Whether it’s players or coaches that are asked to step up to fill someone else’s shoes, the Ravens are able to find capable replacements from within by building great depth. Just like the Ravens will build depth at any given position on a 53 man roster, they also focus on building depth within their coaching ranks. John Harbaugh said the following in regards to searching for former defensive coordinator, Chuck Pagano’s, replacement:

"No, I didn't look around the league at all. I looked no further than this staff and wouldn't stop with coach Pees. Any one of the guys on our defensive staff is capable of coordinating in this league. That's without question. Right now it's the perfect fit, and we'll move forward as a team and as a group of guys and do a great job coaching these guys."

That quote really says a lot about the organization as a whole. Coaches and players alike come here to be a part of this storied defense. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that a lot of coaches get just as much out of the deal as the players do from a learning perspective.

From drafting, to coaching, to practicing, and to the final product that the Ravens put on the field, this franchise is truly a model of success around the NFL. Chuck Pagano is just another example in a long list of ex-Ravens coaches to garner national attention and become a head coach and it’s due to the time that he spent as a Raven that he now has the opportunity to run his own show.

Welcome Coach Pees and good luck in putting your own stamp on the legendary Baltimore Ravens defense.