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Where Might Peyton Manning Land?

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While the Indianapolis Colts may have won the (Andrew Luck) "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes, it appears the next contest also involves the Colts as it seems to be heading towards "Who's Paying Peyton?"

Peyton Manning is due a $20+ million roster bonus in early March and unless he is ready to go from his injury and not just "cleared to resume his career," the Colts will not want to pay that and ultimately release him. If he does not retire from football, where will he go becomes the next biggest question because if he is healthy and able to start, whatever team signes him will be getting a QB that can still lead a team to the playoffs if not even further.

According to wagering sight, Inspin, the team that is at the top of the betting list is none other than the wacky New York Jets, whose player-coach interactions play more like a soap opera than an NFL team. Surprisingly, the Baltimore Ravens are actually relatively high up on the list to go after him than most of the other teams in the league.

What will happen with Peyton Manning next season?

Manning remains with the Colts? +100 1/1 bet $100 to win $100
Manning heads to another team? -120 1/1.2 bet $120 to win $100
Manning retires? +200 2/1 bet $100 to win $200

(Click on the 'Jump' to see which team is favored to land Manning if he leaves Indy and what the odds are for him to end up with the Ravens in 2012)

Which team will Peyton Manning play for next season?

New York Jets +200 2/1 bet $100 to win $200
Miami Dolphins +300 3/1 bet $100 to win $300
Washington Redskins +400 4/1 bet $100 to win $400
Seattle Seahawks +500 5/1 bet $100 to win $500
Arizona Cardinals +600 6/1 bet $100 to win $600
Baltimore Ravens +700 7/1 bet $100 to win $700
Houston Texans +900 9/1 bet $100 to win $900
San Francisco 49ers +1000 10/1 bet $100 to win $1000
Field (any team not listed)+100 1/1 bet $100 to win $100

The above odds are for the team Peyton Manning will play for next season IF he leaves Indianapolis. If he remains in Indianapolis then the above prop bet has no action and the funds are returned.