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Ravens' Evans Feels Remorse For Dropped Season

Lee Evans had the worst season of his career statistically. He may of had his worst season mentally as well after his dropped touchdown pass in the final second of the Ravens 23-20 loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. If Evans had been able to secure the ball it would have put Baltimore up 27-23 with under 20 seconds left in the game. Assuming the extra point was good. This would have all but solidified the Ravens first trip back to the Super Bowl since they won it in 2001.

Evans is well aware that a missed opportunity of this magnitude can haunt a player for the rest of his career. Not knowing where to turn he sought the counsel of Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome.

"Lee came and sought me out on Monday after the game because of that experience," Newsome said. "He sought me out just for some counseling, and I was able to talk with him."

Lee Evans had a tough season this year in Baltimore but not once did I see him sitting on the sidelines sulking. He was always the first one running down the sidelines cheering his teammates on. I think he really wanted to be a part of a winning organization and that drop really hurt him.

Evans knows what this drop meant. He knows what it meant to Ray Lewis and the Ravens organization. He knows what it meant to the city of Baltimore and the fans. I truly feel for him. He does not want this moment to define what has been a very nice career up until this point. But it may...

"What happened, how it happened, it’s still hard to deal with."

Said Evans Monday after the loss. He will be feeling this one for a long time. I hope he can move on and make fans forget this moment. I'm not sure if he will be a Raven next season but I'd take him back. Joe Flacco seemed to be starting to feel comfortable with him towards the end of the season and I think he could be a great help to this team with a full off season. If he is able to stay healthy that is.

That being said. Evans most likely will not be a Raven next season. He is under contract but he is owed over four million in salary and roster bonuses. Ozzie did say the team will look to make some moves at the receiver position this off season as well. This could spell the end of the Lee Evans era in Baltimore unless he is willing to come back at a greatly reduced rate. Hopefully he will be willing to work something out. Hopefully the fans will be able to let it go and let Lee and the Ravens work on getting back there in 2012.