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Vicks Super Bowl 46 Fan Survey

No, not a survey of fans picking the winner between the New England Patriots and New York Giants, but a fan survey sponsored by Vicks (cough medicine, not Michael!), to see who is the healthiest team and which player in the NFL are least likely to catch a cold.

In preparation for Super Bowl XLVI, Vicks is releasing the findings of an NFL/Super Bowl XLVI Fan Survey to show how football fans feel about the NFL’s top players and Super Bowl stars. Click to see the full "Vicks Super Bowl "Infographic," follow their Nyquil Facebook Page, and below are some details from this year’s Super Bowl survey, including:

· Nearly half (45%) of all football fans surveyed hope New York Giants Eli Manning doesn’t catch a cold or flu before Super Bowl Sunday, compared to only 35% voting for New England Patriots Tom Brady.

· A quarter (25%) of fans agree that New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski best represents the statement, "In the NFL, there are no sick days."

· Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews is believed to be the NFL player least phased by the cold weather.