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SB Nation Covers The NFL Combine

While Baltimore Beatdown and every other NFL blog was covering the NFL Scouting Combine mostly from a selfish angle related to only our own team's needs, SB Nation went all out covering the entire event from every angle and then some. Starting with the players, their results, comparisons and ending with a brand new Mock Draft, SB Nation provides non-stop coverage of the NFL.

Check out their story titled, "Everything You missed From the NFL Draft's Warm-Up Act," with commentary and videos of the top performances, as well as one of the not-so-good ones.

Their story, "It's A Wrap: 2012 NFL Combine Is Over," has links to stories and videos from every day throughout the entire week of the Combine.

Finally, the "2012 NFL Mock Draft: Combine Results Change The Predictions," takes into account many of the good and bad performances that may have caused players to rocket up or drop out of the first round, although it doesn't seem to change the direction of the Baltimore Ravens.

As always, SB Nation provides the best coverage of the NFL, not only through Baltimore Beatdown, but across the entire 32-team league, with news on our favorite teams as well as our rivals.