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NFL Network's Rich Eisen Runs The 40-Yard Dash

For the 8th straight year, NFL Network host Rich Eisen has ran the 40-yard dash in his business suit during the NFL Scouting Combine. This year was no different and he lined up to run it yesterday in a special pair of fancy Under Armour running shoes. Other than one year, Eisen has actually gotten better with age, lowering his time every year other than in 2007. His 2011 run is in the video above.

Last year he ran a 6.18 40-yard dash, but did he improve on that time once again? Go to to see the story and tape of his attempt. One of the best things about the "event" as it has come to be, is the comparisons they super-impose on top of his run. In 2010, they used Baltimore Ravens DT Terrence Cody as a comparison and "Mount Cody" beat Eisen time and time again, even with head starts at various distances.

This year was no different as they took the bigger and slower guys and they still blew Eisen away. They also put the comparisons of guys such as Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill, and QB's Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck up against the "fleet-footed" Eisen. Enjoy!