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Lewis Says His Style Could Help Cowboys

When I first saw this story listed in my 'Google Alert-Baltimore Ravens' I almost freaked out like you did when you saw it here. The story on by Tom Osborn does indeed mention the Ravens great linebacker, Ray Lewis, but the story, thankfully, is not about him.

It is about a collegiate linebacker, Travis Lewis, from the University of Oklahoma, who says the Lewis we all know and love is his role model. He thinks the Dallas Cowboys would be a great fit for him and he can help the team by bringing the same type of passion and leadership to the team that Ray brings to the Ravens.

Unfortunately for the Oklahoma Lewis, according to the story, he is only projected as a mid-to-late round draft pick, with his shortcomings getting swallowed up at the line of scrimmage and trouble dis-engaging blockers. No offense, Travis, but that certainly doesn't sound like the Ray Lewis we drafted out of Miami in 1996. Good luck though!