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'Bama RB Trent Richardson Wants To Take On Ray Lewis

Alabama running back Trent Richardson isn't even in the professional ranks but is already calling out Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Richardson figures to be the first running back off the board at the 2012 NFL Draft, which begins Thursday night, April 26th. He is looking to be the next great back to come out of Alabama since Mark Ingram made a huge splash as a rookie with the New Orleans Saints before getting injured.

However, calling out Ray Lewis before you've ever stepped out onto an NFL practice field may be a bit of a mistake, especially if Richardson ends up being drafted by one of the Ravens 2012 opponents. Remember what happened to Pittsburgh Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall when he called out Ray and the Ravens defense and ended his rookie season with a broken shoulder.

In a story posted on SB Nation's NFL page, Mocking the Draft got this quote from Richardson:

TR: "I'm not saying Ray Lewis won't take me out, but I want to see him in the hole. I love Uncle Ray to death. But why would you stand down?"

Trust me, Trent, Ray remembers when rookies challenge him. Especially college punks who are not even NFL rookies yet!