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NFL Free Agent Listing

The feeding frenzy in the NFL known as free agency begins on a full-scale basis March 13th. There are a bunch of big names, star players for their current teams, that may or may not make it to the open market. Some teams will work out long term contracts and others may slap the Franchise Tag on their guys to keep them with the team. However, due to salary cap restrictions, other teams will have no other choice but to allow their player to test the open waters that will ultimately bring them a huge payday. put together a list of the most notable free agents that re currently headed to the open market. Whether or not they end up there will be another story, but for now, the list is populated with big name players such as QB Drew Brees and Matt Flynn, running backs Arian Foster, Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch and the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice.

There are players at every position that, if combined, could form a fantasy team of Pro Bowl-caliber stars. For many teams, it'll be tough to retain their own players, so adding more than one or two of the guys on this list will be a dream for most teams, depending on their cap space. But then again, that's what makes stories like this so much fun to debate, right?