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Win A TaylorMade Golf NFL Ravens Hat

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TaylorMade Golf's Ravens Team Hat
TaylorMade Golf's Ravens Team Hat

TaylorMade and the NFL has joined together in a unique partnership to be the only golf manufacturer to offer all 32 NFL team hats and visors, so fans can show their team spirit on and off the course.

TaylorMade Golf's NFL hats and visors are:

* Adjustable

* Breathable

* Has UV protection of 50 UPF

* Has a dark under-bill to reduce glare

* Has a moisture-wicking sweatband

For more information, go to TaylorMade Golf.

(Click on the 'Jump' to see how you can win a TaylorMade Golf hat or visor from Baltimore Beatdown)

Win A TaylorMade Golf NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Hat Contest:

With very little going on in the NFL over the next couple of weeks until Free Agency begins on March 8th, this contest will have to force us to be a little creative. Therefore, the winner of this contest will be from the group of winners who correctly pick the POSITION that will be the Ravens first free agent signing.

This cannot be a current Ravens player who is re-signed. It must be a player that either played for another NFL team last season, or even one who did not play in the NFL. For example, the Miami Dolphins recently signed a running back from the CFL and of course, both Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are eligible choices as well.

The contest will run until the end of February, or sooner if the team signs one of those "other" players, at which time I will have sole discretion as to when the contest officially ends so as to prevent someone form picking the position after the player has been reported to be signed.

From the group of people who pick the correct position of the free-agent signing, I will randomly select one name which will be the prize winner. So starting picking your positions, and remember, you only get one entry, which you must post below.

Good luck!