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Ravens' Caldwell Has Plans For Flacco

Jim Caldwell, new QB Coach for the Baltimore Ravens, already seems to have plans for QB Joe Flacco. He has no intention to see Flacco plateau at the level he's been on the past couple of years. Flacco's 2011 regular season was only 13 yards behind his personal best, but that's not apparently going to be good enough for his new QB coach, which should come as great news for Ravens fans.

Caldwell has every intention to push Joe to be one of the best in the league, saying in an article on

"I'm not here to try to make him like any other quarterback in this league, like Peyton Manning or Brad Johnson or the other guys I've coached."

Although along with the Ravens Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson was a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, I'd much prefer to see Flacco exceed whatever Johnson has done in any one season. The expectations of Caldwell turning Joe into anything close to Peyton Manning needs to be tempered a bit around Baltimore, as there is really only one, okay two, Mannings. But only one Peyton.