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Forget 'Tebow-ing,' Now There's 'Rice-ing'

First there was 'planking.' Lately, there has been 'Tebow-ing.' Now, Baltimore Ravens fans can start the newest craze, officially starting here on Baltimore Beatdown, known as 'Rice-ing!' Named after star running back, Ray Rice, it will become the popular thing to photograph yourself doing all over the city, the country and throughout the entire world.


Every time Ray Rice scores a touchdown, he stands at attention and flexes his bicep for all to admire. Now, you can be part of the initial group to post your photos of you 'Rice-ing' either here in the comments section, or better yet, on Baltimore Beatdown's Facebook page.


Together we can get this craze started and lay our claim for what could be the neatest phenomenon to sweep across the Ravens fan-base. Who knows, after seeing this, perhaps even Ray Rice himself will flash his signature move to cement our place at the cutting edge of "coolness?"