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Is Joe Flacco Worth Top 5 Money?

The agent for Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco is saying that the four-year veteran deserves a new contract paying him what is considered top five money. Based on his playoff appearances and the fact that Flacco has won more games in his first four seasons (including playoffs) than any other QB in NFL history, he might have a compelling argument.

However, while most people would agree he is a top ten QB in the league, top five might be a bit of a stretch. According to a link to a story on Pro Football Talk, Flacco will need to not only get to and win the Super Bowl next year, but earn the game's MVP award, in order to get that type of contract.

Of course that would mean playing out the final year of his rookie contract, which would not make him a happy camper, not to mention the pressure it would put on his shoulders to have a great individual season. How would that added pressure play out over the course of the 2012 season and what would be the repercussions if he and the team did not raise the Lombardi Trophy next February in New Orleans?